Eagleton Middle opens state's first middle school credit union

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The Daily Times (Tennessee)
By Matthew Stewart
September 15. 2010

Nearly all of Eagleton Middle School's 375 students gathered Thursday to watch their school make state history.

The school has partnered with Y-12 Federal Credit Union to operate an in-school, student-run branch. The aptly named Royal Treasury Credit Union is Tennessee's first documented middle school credit union.

Nearly 20 seventh- and eighth-graders will staff the financial institution on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are scheduled to work once every three weeks for about two hours.

During the selection process, students were required to fill out an application, complete a resume with references and interview with Y-12 employees. After being selected for the program, the middle-schoolers participated in two two-hour training sessions where they learned about transactions, accepting cash, opening new accounts and many other topics.

Eighth-graders Tyler Stanfer and Rebekah Warner are honored to work at the credit union. They've been surprised by the varying degrees of difficulty in their work responsibilities.

Students are learning valuable work skills, Stanfer said. They're also learning interpersonal skills, Warner said.

Eagleton Middle School houses the second student-run financial institution in Blount County. In 2008, SunTrust Banks Inc. partnered with Alcoa Middle School to open the school's youth bank.

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