Assumptions About Innovation And Greatness

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By: Jack Taggerty
August 27, 2010

Hi Mac,

I do not agree that Innovation is best developed as a result of Problem Analysis and Decision Analysis (as with Kepner Tregoe) and is a by product of process. I believe that positive social innovation can result from putting in place the right culture to foster innovation. There is an excellent example of this here in my summary of what The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) is doing. CFED is a nonprofit organization that has a mission of expanding economic opportunities for those that are low and moderate income communities and families. CFED is based in Washington DC. The 2010 Assets and Learning Conference will be held on September 22-24.

The organization uses a Think-Do-Invest approach, which consists of:

Think: The organization explores various practices and ideas that may in fact help communities and families have a better opportunity to engage in the larger economy in which they live. The
ideas help to bridge the gaps that currently exist economically.

Do: Once the organization has the ideas and practices, they then seek out funding collaborators as well as those that make the policies in order to carry out and demonstrate the program throughout the nation. Demonstrating is the best way to show exactly what the organization is seeking to accomplish.

Invest: The organization then seeks out investors as well as those that are advocates for policies in order to bring about change on a larger scale.

The role of CFED is to cause innovation with policy makers so that within the near future every American will have better opportunities from birth regardless of economic status by an innovative culture.
Jack Taggerty

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