Save Housing, Support Laird

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The Times Press Recorder
By: Marie Pounders
June 18, 2010

To the Editor:

California is facing a critical shortage of affordable housing. The counties of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo frequently are ranked within the top three of most expensive California counties in which to live.

Even though many nonprofit organizations work hard to build more affordable units, it is impossible to keep up with the increasing demand.

The largest source of affordable housing in SLO and Santa Barbara counties is mobile/manufactured homes. The people who teach our children, police our streets and fight our fires, work in our markets, hotels and retail stores, in addition to thousands of retired folks who volunteer in our communities, make up our mobile-home park population.

The California Civil Code has special mobile-home residency laws to help protect the affordability of mobile-home parks, as do our local jurisdictions.

People who own their mobile homes and rent the land beneath them are under continuous threat from aggressive park owner groups, large corporations and developers that go to great lengths and spend millions of dollars attempting to eliminate these protections.

It is imperative that we seek out and elect responsible leaders who will strive to retain our affordable housing. That is why the largest mobile-home owners' statewide organization, Golden State Manufactured Homeowners League, is endorsing John Laird for state senator in the upcoming special election. Laird has supported 100 percent of mobile-home resident-initiated bills since 2005 as an assemblyman. Compare that to 30 percent for Sam Blakeslee.

Vote on or before June 22 for John Laird, the candidate who supports seniors, working families, rent control and affordable housing.

Marie Pounders


Homeowners League

Los Osos

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