Homeownership: The American Dream

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Deming Headlight
By: Terry Brunner
June 16, 2010

For many of us, sleeping every night in a safe and comfortable home is something we take for granted -but that's not the case for all families. However, for those families there are opportunities to buy a house to call home -even in these trying economic times.

Several Federal agencies have proclaimed June National Homeownership Month. This month, we recognize the role homeownership plays as the foundation of America's economy and how it provides stability in our communities.

I am traveling across New Mexico this month to celebrate homeownership, and I have met families who have become homeowners for the very first time. These families have told me about their struggles to become a homeowner. One couple told me they lived in their parent's garage with their newborn twin daughters for a year so they could save enough money to put down on the house of their dreams. Another couple lived in a small motor home for over three years with their children before they could qualify to buy a house.

The American spirit is alive and well in these new homeowners. You can feel their sense of pride and see the excitement in their eyes as they talk about this major accomplishment in their lives. Both families I recently met described the tremendous effort it took to reach this new place called home but how it was worth it. And, most importantly, they talk about providing a safe place for their children -- a place they can call home.

Since the fiscal year began in October of 2009, USDA Rural Development has provided financial resources to more than 400 families across rural New Mexico who now own and can afford a decent home.

USDA Rural Development's housing programs finance new or improved housing for low- to moderate-income families and individuals who wish to live in rural communities.

But, most important, we at USDA Rural Development are not only helping individuals own a home but we are helping to build stronger neighborhoods, strengthen families and generate economic prosperity. We are building the backbone of our rural communities.

Terry Brunner is the USDA Rural Development State Director in New Mexico

USDA Rural Development is committed to the future of rural communities and to help people achieve the 'American Dream'. This month we are proud to celebrate homeownership and the role USDA Rural Development plays in providing lasting memories for families throughout rural America.

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