Wisconsin to Create Youth Entrepreneur Network

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Milwaukee Business Journal
April 14, 2010

The groups that created the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs' Network five years ago now are creating a network to propel youth into "real-world entrepreneurship."
The Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Small Business Development Center network and University of Wisconsin-Extension Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development are creating the Wisconsin Youth Entrepreneur Network to link public and private resources to offer children access to entrepreneurship resources and activities, according to a Wednesday news release from the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs' Network. It plans to offer educational and professional development resources, such as online curricula, for educators designed specifically for youth entrepreneurship and professional youth development.

"By introducing and educating our youth in entrepreneurship early in life through WYEN, Wisconsin can facilitate and harness the creative power and drive of our youth in the context of private enterprise and related economic development - the true drivers of America's economic future and job creation," the release said.

A subnetwork, the Wisconsin Youth Business Network, will link youth, educators and administrators at the statewide, district-to-district and school level in organized entrepreneurship activities.

"WYEN is designed to be transformational and act as a catalyst to start the process for active curriculum development interfacing teachers, administrators and (the Department of Public Instruction) at all educational and administrative levels in the state," the release said.

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