Tax Break You Might Be Missing This Year

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ABC Action News
By: John Matarese
April 13, 2010

Tax day 2010 is just days away.
But in our haste to get our taxes done, many of us are missing a big deduction this year!

It's called the "Make Work Pay" credit, part of last year's stimulus.

But the website The Consumerist says many people are confused and miss the credit. It has not appeared on tax forms before, so you may skip it because you are unfamiliar with it. But you don't want to miss this one.

If you worked last year, you can claim a credit of 6.2 percent of your income. The maximum credit, which most full time employees will qualify for:

* $400 if filing Single
* $800 for a couple

So make sure you claim if. If you are confused, see a tax professional or contact the IRS.

Note that you must have earned income in 2009 to qualify. Social Security or a Pension does not count, sorry!

As always, don't waste your money. I'm John Matarese.

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